Details of Civil Supplies Taluka Office - AFSO/Mamlatdar
Sr. No.Name of the MamlatdarDistrictCivil Supplies OfficePhone No./Fax No.Email Id
1 AMALIA PINTONORTH GOAPERNEM9923906016jtm1-pernem.goa(at)
2 SHRIPAD MAJIKNORTH GOABARDEZ8390684677jtm3-bardez.goa(at)
3 ISHA M. SAWANTNORTH GOATISWADI8805158776jtm1-tiswadi.goa(at)
4 MANDAR MOHAN NAIKNORTH GOABICHOLIM9168391391jtm1-bicholim.goa(at)
5 SAIESH S. NAIKNORTH GOASATARI9860719196mam-satari.goa(at)
6 ABHIR C. HEDENORTH GOAPONDA9764214183jtm1_ponda.goa(at)
7 VIMOD M. DALALSOUTH GOAMORMUGAO9422664421jtm1-mormugao.goa(at)
8 MANOJ KORGAONKARSOUTH GOASALCETE9422846673jtm1-salcete.goa(at)
10 NATHAN AFONSOSOUTH GOASANGUEM7774055984mam-sanguem.goa(at)
11 DATTARAJ K. GAUNS DESSAISOUTH GOACANACONA9823927711mam-canacona.goa(at)
12 SHARMILA U. GAONKARSOUTH GOADHARBANDORA9923581805jtm1-dharbandora.goa(at)

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